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Related Tags:  Dog chain      OL/secretary      Chinese Female      Anklet      Breast bondage      Boot      story rich      Silk pantyhose    

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[Stocking King] Just Few Hours... Full Release ©Stocking King<br><br>Summary:<br><br>I was thinking about shooting outside the studio, but the hotel is generally expensive. So we decided to only shoot inside of them few hours since it is much more cheaper than having it overnight. The girl was a real sub, so she is really enjoying the time in bound. With the kick of some vibrations, she orgasm very quickly. She was moaning a lot, but thanks to the gag, it is not too loud. Hopefully you will enjoy it. Btw, the trailer is available if you want to check it out just in case spending all the money for something that you don't like, and it is fine.



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[Lijia Studio] Dead End ©Lijia Studio<br><br>Summary:<br><br>Traitor always has some reason to betray their own country. Ms. Li is one of that kind of person. She seems to be a good guy, a good spy who is working for her family, her friends, and her country. But she is actually a double agent. But everything will be leaked unless you have never committed it...<br><br>Featuring: breast bondage, Chinese wuhua bondage, torture, gore, and metal bondage<br><br>NOTICE: ALL SCENES ARE SHOT UNDER SPECIAL EFFECTS. NO PHYSICAL DAMAGES ARE INVOLVED IN THE FILMING PROCESS.<br><br>=============================================<br>You can contact us for discussion by using following contact methods:<br><br>QQ international : #823827335 <br>Wechat User: 13051214880<br>=============================================



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Related Tags:  Dog chain      OL/secretary      Chinese Female      Anklet      Breast bondage      Boot      story rich      Silk pantyhose    
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